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We all spend lot of time on computers and this seems very boring to stare at that same old desktop. For this purpose, we’ve included a huge collection of desktop islamic wallpapers and the best thing is that you can download wallpaers pictures for free. This collection of free wallpapers includes the Historical Islamic wallpapers, beautiful islamic wallpapers. You can download mosque wallpapers for free. An Islamic Wallpaper is basically an adornmental background used for computer or mobile screens.

Islamic Wallpaper not only beautifies the screen but also  breaks the monotonous look of plane screen.Wallpapers are in fashion these days but islamic desktop wallpapers are getting more popular among the lot.A meaningful message can be  delivered though an islamic wallpaper.

There is a vast range of  islamic wallpapers avaiable on our site.Free islamic wallpapers is a section of our site which contributes to spread positive things about islam. you can also carry a thoughful message through islamic wallpapers on ur mobile.Islamic wallpaper for mobiles are also avaiable   on our  site.we also offer u islamic desktop wallpappers which include Names Of Allah, Names of Prophet PBUH,verses from Quran,historic Mosques,Short Surahs,Calligraphical Art Pieces, Motivational islamic wallpaper is another popular feature of our website . These motivational islamic wallpapers  include Hadees of Prophet PBUH, Sayings of Khulfa-e-Rashideen and Aqwal-e-Zarin . These islam wallpapers motivates the viewer towards islam.You can download free islamic wallpaper as many as u are always welcome on our site to share ur collection of islam wallpaper with other memebers.

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