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Zakir Nayak

Dr Zakir Naik is  a famous indian islamic scholor who is renowned as a hero of islam.Zakir Naik has a comprehensive knowledge of all comparative religions through which he is fighting a war against misconception about Islam.He delivered  number of thought provoking  lectures on islamic history which gave a better understaning of Islam to both muslims and  non muslims.As a young and energatic scholor of islam he grips his audience who once listen islamic lecture by him.He promotes Tauheed, sunnat,unity among the muslims,similarities among different religions,religious tollerance etc.iRulz has designed this section of mp3 islamic lectures for users where they can download lectures by many famous scholors including Dr naik. Visit us to download zakir naik lectures and undertsand islam even better.

Zakir Nayak's All Islamic Lectures