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The Quran is the Holy book of muslims.It is also known by the name of holy Quran and Furqan.Quran is the revelation of Allah towards our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH the quran is basically message of Allah towards mankind.It is the complete code of life for every human being .History of kuran says that the quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH by Jibril A .S while he was in cave of Hira for Ebadat.The total span of Quraan revelation is 23 years.Some of its part was revealed in Makkah n some was in Madina quraan has 114 sorrahs some of which are called makki sorrahs and some are called madni sorrahs. In Last sermon of Prophet Muhammad PBUH he told Umma that i m leaving you with the Quran n my Sunnah, which means a mulsim should live its life according to the teaching of quran n sunnat of Rasool.Those who take guidence from quran and submit themselve towards Allah they succeed in this life and life thereafter.According to a survey this is the only book which is numerously recited daily.

These days kuran is avaiable online.number of people like to read free quran online and they also like to listen quran online. You can visit our site and read or listen quran though mp3 quran. Quran recitation is a must for every muslim therefore we are providing you quran recitation by renown Qaris on our website.you can also download quran on you computer from our site so later u can listen quran even if you are offline.Our web site encouages readers by offering free quran online so they benefite themselves with the great rewards of this divine book.we have provided mp3 quran in form of Manzilz, Separas and Soorahs as well.you can also listen quran translation and its Tafsir on this site.We tried our best to upload quran on this site with precaution still we seek for forgiveness in case of any unconscious mistake. we also seek you feed back on Quraan Online and welcome your ideas and suggestions.
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