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Islamic calendar holds a very significant place in muslims societies. The history of islamic calendar tells us it was first introduced by HAZRAT UMER BIN KHATAB in 638 A.D.Islamic calendar is also known as hijri calendar or lunar calendar. It is also regarded the calendar of Islam. Every Islamic calendar year begins with the month of Muharram and ends on Zul-Hajj.islamic calendar is based upon the position of moon. Every new Islamic month is determined when the new moon is sighted. Muslims celebrates their religious festivals according to Islamic calendar e.g, Eid Melad-ul-Nabi, Eid-ul-Fitr, Eid-ul-Azha. Islamic calendar also plays role in performing some of our religious obligations i.e fasting and Haj. You can view about our Islamic insurance policies to know more about Islamic Insurance system (takaful) as well as calculate your zakat using our zakat calculator.

Keeping the importance of Islamic calendar we are providing different categories on this site. A complete schedule of fast during the month of ramzan is avaiable. Calendar Islam helps u to keep track of all religious events taking place during the year. You can also find out how many religious holidays are there in a particular Islamic calendar year. Meet single muslims on Muslims chat rooms. You can also consult some of previous Islamic calendars and an Islamic calendar prayer as well on our site.Islamic calendar converter is a unique feature of our. An islam calendar converter enables you to convert any other calendar to islamic calender. There for our site keeps u updated about anything u can think about an islamic calendar year. We also welcome ur experiences and ideas about the implementation of The islmaic calendar in our daily life.

Islamic Calendar For 1440 A.H


     Nov 1 
 Nov 2 
 Nov 3 
 Nov 4 
 Nov 5 
 Nov 6 
 Nov 7 
 Nov 8 
 Nov 9 
 Nov 10 
 Nov 11 
 Nov 12 
 Nov 13 
 Nov 14 
 Nov 15 
 Nov 16 
 Nov 17 
 Nov 18 
 Nov 19 
 Nov 20 
 Nov 21 
 Nov 22 
 Nov 23 
 Nov 24 
 Nov 25 
 Nov 26 
 Nov 27 
 Nov 28 
 Nov 29 
 Nov 30 

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