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Naat is a form of poetry which particularly glorifies and admires our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Although naat has no precise history available but since the early days of islam people used to recite naat sharif. Some people spell it as Naat shareef or naat sharif but meanings remain the same. They used to commend and compliment Prophet PBUH through naats in his presence. There were famous poets in makkah who used to defend Him in their naats. A famous naat poet Hassan ibn Thabit is known as first naat khawan of islam. He used to recite naats for Prophet PBUH. Muslims believe that those who recite or write naats their every act of admiration will result in ten times of blessings from Allah. is a place which compliments such devoted naat khawans and unpretentiously offers its members enormous collection of naatsharif by all famous naat khuans. Meet muslims on our Muslims chat rooms. In order to encourage and motivate youth towards naat sharif iRulz provides many heart touching Islamic naats by Sami Yousaf, Junaid jamshed ,Awais Qadri etc. We have uploaded naat sharif in many languages, such as Urdu, Hindi, English, French. You can also listen to Islamic Qawwali in addition to naat sharifs. Our main emphasis is on urdu naats but you can also download naats in punjabi, arabic, pashto, seraiki , english etc. You can download all your favorite naats from iRulz to your computer or mobile phone and listen them anytime. It's good to listen to naats and Qawwali but please do not forget to offer prayers. For Prayers times, please visit our Islamic Calendar and other islamic resources section. You can download naat on your mobile and share with your friends as well. We welcome you to share your collection of islamic naats with us.

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