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Huzu Ka Bachpan

Bhar Do Jholi is very nice and famous poet of ghazal which wrote lots of ghazals, poetry and shayari. Bhar Do Jholi has his own status and respect in the eyes of the lovers of ghazal, urdu poetry and shayari. Bhar Do Jholis most the ghazal sung by very famous singer and add charmz to the ghazal of Bhar Do Jholi. Bhar Do Jholi is one of the best ghazal of the poet. Bhar Do Jholi sung by various singer on some occasions and it is always fresh for the listener of ghazal, urdu poetry and shayari. Read Bhar Do Jholi and you will say that this is one of the best ghazal you have ever seen.

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Masha allah
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faizan khan
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wandarfull in a WAP and so lucky in all Muslim dharm
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Waalikum salam
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I liked
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Veey nice lslamic nath and qaw wali
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Subhan Allah
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Very good qawaali
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very good
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Gosh pak Qawaali Mp3 Tashleem Arif free download All
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nath sarif
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masha allah
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Very butiful talk
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Good morning
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Very nice nazam
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assalam walekum
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