Naats - Deewana Hogaya Hai Of Abdul Habib Ajmeri

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Qawwali from this sufi qawwal is very famous among youngsters. His world famous qawwaali Ali da Malang outdid all other qawwals of his time and gave him an international exposure. Abdul Habib Ajmeri is singing qawwalis in different languages since the very young age. Abdul Habib Ajmeri earned pakistan a great name internationaly through his ever new urdu qawwalis. Abdul Habib Ajmeri a greatly famed name in art of qawwali. You may also enjoy the qawwali of Faiz Ali Faiz, aziz mian qawwal, Wadali Brothers, Do not forget to listen to Wadali Brothers is well known for Punjabin, Urdu, Hindi and English Qawwalis. too. Listen to more naats of abdul-habib-ajmeri.

deewana hogaya hai

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