Naats - Muhammad Rehmat Bankar Aaye Of Abdul Habib Ajmeri

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iRulz is gladly facilitating you to download urdu qawwali by this renowned qawwal. Visit iRulz any time to listen qawwali online or download qawwalis of unmatched quality. Abdul Habib Ajmeri earned pakistan a great name internationaly through his ever new urdu qawwalis. Qawalies of Abdul Habib Ajmeri are filled with sofiyana klam of our great poets. Ek Allah kalon mai dardi is one of Abdul Habib Ajmeri best qawali. You may also enjoy the qawwali of Sher Miandad Khan, Aziz Mian, priceless gems shandar qawaliyan cd 2, Do not forget to listen to priceless gems shandar qawaliyan cd 2 was born in Pakistan and has visited India, USA, UK, and Canada as well as europe. too. Listen to more naats of abdul-habib-ajmeri.

muhammad rehmat bankar aaye

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