Naats Of Farhan Ali Qadri - Dam Badam Allah Ho

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Who want to listen naat sharif online. These naat are avaiable in mp3 naat format. Farhan Ali Qadri There are almost 5000 naat sharif by Farhan Ali Qadri and more than 160 albums in different languages. He is one of the early appearances on ptv as a naat khawan. His new urdu naats are equally popular as his previous classics. You may also enjoy the naats of um e habiba, alhaj khurshid ahmad, akhtar qureshi daff ke saath, Do not forget to listen to akhtar qureshi daff ke saath is also a fellow naat khawan. too. Listen to more naats of farhan-ali-qadri.

dam badam allah ho

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