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Most of naats by this naat khawan are in urdu and hindi. Where you can listen video naats , listen audio naats and download Hafiz-ahmed-raza naats. Hafiz Ahmed Raza is not the only one who recited this naat. Hafiz Ahmed Raza naat is also available in pashtu and arabic and they are equally popular. Hafiz Ahmed Raza urdu naats include fasalon ko takalluf hai ham se agar, Ya nabi ya nabi,Zahe-e- Muqaddar. You may also enjoy the naats of amjid saabri, mohammad arif siddiqui, alhaj siddique ismail, Do not forget to listen to alhaj siddique ismail is well known for urdu and hindi naats. too. Listen to more naats of hafiz-ahmed-raza.

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