Naats - Aaj Ashq Mairay Of Nusrullah Khan Noori

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Apart from free and easy downloads on our website. You can also watch video naats or listen audio naat sahrif here. Nusrullah Khan Noori is the little star who grabbed attention of millions by his young and chrismatic voice. Nusrullah Khan Noori naats are a unique blend of spirtuality, devotion and melody. Nusrullah Khan Noori if you want to download urdu naats of Nusrullah Khan Noori or even if you want to download mp3 naat sharif by this great naat khawan you are just one click away. You may also enjoy the naats of mohammad noman qadri, punjabi collection, haji mushtaq, Do not forget to listen to haji mushtaq was born in Pakistan. too. Listen to more naats of nusrullah-khan-noori.

Aaj Ashq Mairay.mp3

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