Naats - Koi Hilqat Mein Unse Nahi Hei Badha Of Wakas Mir

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Who want to listen naat sharif online. These naat are avaiable in mp3 naat format. Most of Wakas Mir naats are infused with instrumental sound effects which is not very commendable still he holds a significant place among the lot. Wakas Mir naats reflect his devotion and love for Prophet PBUH. Wakas Mir naat sharif portray ishq-e-Muhammadi in a disntinguished way which wins hearts of its listners. You may also enjoy the naats of saleem javed, alhaj khurshid ahmad, kasmi, Do not forget to listen to kasmi is also a fellow naat khawan. too. Listen to more naats of wakas-mir.

Koi Hilqat Mein Unse Nahi Hei Badha.mp3

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