Qawwali - Chandni Ratain Vol 3 Of Ustad Badar Miandad Khan

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Unique voice has made Ustad-Badar-Miandad-Khan one of the most famous qawwal in south Asia. iRulz has a fabulous collection of all qawwal qawwalis for you where you can conviniently listen best Mp3 qawwali. Ustad Badar Miandad Khan is singing qawwalis in different languages since the very young age. Ustad Badar Miandad Khan earned pakistan a great name internationaly through his ever new urdu qawwalis. Visit us and download Nusrat qawwalis and experience enjoyable listening of Ustad Badar Miandad Khan music! You may also enjoy the qawwali of Wadali Brothers, Munni Begum, rare elements remix, Do not forget to listen to rare elements remix was born in Pakistan and has visited India, USA, UK, and Canada as well as europe. too. Listen to more naats of Ustad-Badar-Miandad-Khan.

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Ek Mere Mola Hussan
Mohamad Mustfa
Palla Faria Ganj Sakar Da

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