Qawwali - 04 Khawaja Ji Salam Le Lo Of Mix Qawalian

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Most of qawwalis by this qawwal are in Punjabi, hindi, and urdu. Listen to all the qawwali of this qawwal and you will feel the magic of voice. Mix Qawalian is a high profiled name regarding qawwali art. Mix Qawalian a greatly famed name in art of qawwali. Although Mix Qawalian qawali majorly depicts ethnic form of qawwali yet he has earned fair amount of fame among the lot. You may also enjoy the qawwali of jhoole laal maizik tuch, Master Saleem, Wadali Brothers, Do not forget to listen to Wadali Brothers was born in Pakistan and has visited India, USA, UK, and Canada as well as europe. too. Listen to more naats of mix-qawalian.

04 khawaja ji salam le lo

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