Qawwali - Allah Janta Hai Muhammad Ka Martaba Of Mix Qawalian

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Unique voice has made Mix-qawalian one of the most famous qawwal in south Asia. iRulz has a fabulous collection of all qawwal qawwalis for you where you can conviniently listen best Mp3 qawwali. Mix Qawalian is not the only one who sang this qawwali. Mix Qawalian earned pakistan a great name internationaly through his ever new urdu qawwalis. Qawalies of Mix Qawalian are filled with sofiyana klam of our great poets. You may also enjoy the qawwali of Faiz Ali Faiz, Qari Saeed Chishti Qawwal, Sabri Brothers, Do not forget to listen to Sabri Brothers also sang similar qawwalis. too. Listen to more naats of mix-qawalian.

allah janta hai muhammad ka martaba

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