Qawwali - Roop Kumar Rathod Maula Mere Maula Of Mix Qawalian

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Most of qawwalis by this qawwal are in Punjabi, hindi, and urdu. Unique voice has made Mix-qawalian one of the most famous qawwal in south Asia. Mix Qawalian has been blessed with powerful and magical voice to attract all age of listeners. Mix Qawalian has great English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi language skills off the stage too. iRulz eagerly pays homage to our legend and uploaded numerous collection of Mix Qawalian video qawwalis along with audio qawwali. You may also enjoy the qawwali of Bally Sagoo, Muazzam, Wadali Brothers, Do not forget to listen to Wadali Brothers also sang similar qawwalis. too. Listen to more naats of mix-qawalian.

roop kumar rathod maula mere maula

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