Qawwali - Vekh Vekh Ke Aveen Of Mix Qawalian

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Listen to all the qawwali of this qawwal and you will feel the magic of voice. Please buy the whole album from a local distributor if you like Mix-qawalian qawwalis and other qawwalis of this qawwal. Mix Qawalian has great English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi language skills off the stage too. Mix Qawalian is singing qawwalis in different languages since the very young age. Visit us and download Nusrat qawwalis and experience enjoyable listening of Mix Qawalian music! You may also enjoy the qawwali of mix qawalian, priceless gems shandar qawaliyan cd 1, abid mehar ali qawal, Do not forget to listen to abid mehar ali qawal has urdu mps qawwali in high quality formats on too. Listen to more naats of mix-qawalian.

vekh vekh ke aveen

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