Qawwali Of Vocal Art Of Sufis Vol1

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Qawwali from this sufi qawwal is very famous among youngsters. Most of qawwalis by this qawwal are in Punjabi, hindi, and urdu. Vocal Art Of Sufis Vol1 is not the only one who sang this qawwali. Qawalies of Vocal Art Of Sufis Vol1 are filled with sofiyana klam of our great poets. Vocal Art Of Sufis Vol1 carries a traditional style of qawwali with her unique voice she immerse into klam and leaves an unforgetable impact on those who listen urdu qawwali. You may also enjoy the qawwali of ghous muhammad nasir, priceless gems shandar qawaliyan cd 1, jhoole laal maizik tuch, Do not forget to listen to jhoole laal maizik tuch is well known for Punjabin, Urdu, Hindi and English Qawwalis. too. Listen to more naats of vocal-art-of-sufis-vol1.

Allah Mohammed Char Yaar
Data Sahab De Daware
Nami Danam
Yadan Vichhri Sajan Diyan

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