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Qawwali is the Sufiyana Kalam which is very popular in subcontinent especially in Pakistani and Indian region. Pakistani Quawwali is normally sing in a group under the group leader. Nusrat Fatah Ali khan qawwal gave a different touch to the Qawali. He included love and romantic songs in Qawwali. Now Qawwali is not only the Sufi music but also the love songs which have been very popular in hindi movies. Pop music is basically invention of qawali. People are adding valgur words in qawwali which shows some kind of kufar in it. We try our best to get rid of that kind qawwalis. If you find any qawwali here which has some valgur/kufar words in it then do not forget to inform us. Join muslims in Muslims chat rooms. You can join and share your good collection of qawaali with us. You can also download and listen Mp3 naats in our naat sharif section. Look up for accurate Prayers times and islamic dates in our Islamic Calendar. The people who sing qawaali is called qawwal. Pakistani qawwali music is very famous amoung the young and elders as well as this is mainly sofiyana kalam and people are now moving towards sufiyana kalam other then noisy songs. . Qawwali music is soft and touch heart. You can download qawwali to play it on your computer when you are not over internet.

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