Qawwali - Allah Mere Allah Of Ghous Muhammad Nasir

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Most of qawwalis by this qawwal are in Punjabi, hindi, and urdu. Listen to all the qawwali of this qawwal and you will feel the magic of voice. Ghous Muhammad Nasir is not the only one who sang this qawwali. Ghous Muhammad Nasir is one of the classic qawwal of our history. Ek Allah kalon mai dardi is one of Ghous Muhammad Nasir best qawali. You may also enjoy the qawwali of vocal art of sufis vol1, Sher Miandad Khan, Munni Begum, Do not forget to listen to Munni Begum is also a fellow qawwal. too. Listen to more naats of ghous-muhammad-nasir.

allah mere allah

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